IB Profit Sharing Program

An Effective Way to Expand Your IB Network


Bring your IB campaign to the new level of success by sharing the part of your IB Commission with your referrals.

Why It Is Good for You and Your Clients:
Benefits of the Program

New Referrals
The reduction of trading risks by having an additional margin support might become the best motivation for novice traders to join your IB group and make their first trade. Thus earning you an additional commission.

Growth of Trading Volume
The commission, transferred to your existing clients, will enlarge their balance and support the equity, giving them real opportunities to increase their trading volume. Thus earning you an additional commission.

New Sub-IBs
The vivid example of your success as an IB might inspire your existing clients to register as your own Sub-IBs and expand your IB network, referring new customers. Thus earning you an additional commission.

How It Works

This program can help you to bring more clients, more Sub-IBs and thus - more IB commission. Just explain its benefits to your clients and persuade them gently to become your Sub-IB.


ico Payout SizePayout Size
You choose the percent of the payout transmitted to your referrals - from 1% to 99% of your IB commission - and state it in the request form.

ico Payment SchedulePayment Schedule
Еvery day your chosen payout is automatically debited from your IB commission and transmitted to your clients.

ico Program ParticipantsProgram Participants
All your referrals become the participants of the Program and receive equal percentage of the payout according to their trading volume.

How to Apply

Fill in a short online form below and your request will be processed during the next business day. One of our IB Managers will contact you shortly to assist with the successful launching of the program.


Main Provisions of the Program

  • The percentage of your IB commission transmitted to the referral can be changed upon the request sent to partner@fxclearing.com. The new settings can apply after the nearest rebate payout on Friday has been executed.
  • The option can be turned off upon the IB request. The changes can apply at the end of the reporting period (each Friday).
  • The rebate, accrued to the referral, can not be returned to the IB’s trading account.
  • The program is applied only to the IB and his direct retail clients.
  • Abuse of the rules of the IB Share Program or any attempt to defraud the system may lead to the disqualification from the IB Share Program and the complete disqualification from the IB Program.
  • The terms of the IB Agreement apply to all participants of the IB program, including Introducing Brokers, Master-IBs, Sub-IBs, and referred traders.
  • The company reserves the right to investigate and resolve any issues not mentioned in this program, at its sole discretion.
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